Documentary filmmaker Paul Shepard (Kris Holden-Ried – Lost Girl, The Tudors) is in a funk. Ever since his last award-winning film took the festival circuit by storm he's been uninspired, unfocused, and just flat out miserable. That is until he gets a phone call from cult-phenomena Sadie (Christine Horne – The Stone Angel, Othello), a poet and his former muse. She's putting her new book out, and it's all about modern relationships. And that's all that takes to spark Paul's interest in exploring that territory for himself.

His skeptical producer Ray, (Alex Poch-Goldin – Good God, Flashpoint) who would much rather Paul make a film about the Panda book he just optioned, doesn't have much faith in the project. But nevertheless, production starts with Paul's teenage nephew, Phil, running the camera (providing he can figure out which buttons do what!).

As Paul starts to navigate his own relationship past he discovers that not all is what it seems. Sadie's new book, "Poems & Thoughts for the Man I Love to Hate" is actually about him. His relationship, with actress/model Haley, (Zoie Palmer – Lost Girl, The Guard) didn't end as amicably as he remembered, and last but not least, Samantha, (Mary Krohnert – An Amish Murder, Warehouse 13) the girl that got him into his funk to begin with, doesn't really want to have a whole hell of a lot to do with him – and Paul doesn't have the kind of closure from that relationship that he pretends to. If Paul is ever going to understand the modern relationship he's first going to have to understand himself.

The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard is a romantic comedy about the exploration of relationships – the good, the bad, and the ugly. 'High Fidelity' meets 'The Office', it is a film that has been called "funny, relevant, and meaningful." It's a portrayal of life and relationships that dares to ask questions and explore ideas that most romantic comedies tend to avoid while still managing to be touching and laugh out loud funny.

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